1. A week without the Sabbath is like a candle with no flame,
A week without the Sabbath, like a picture with no frame;
A week without the Sabbath is like a house that’s not a home,
A week without the Sabbath, oh may it never come!

2. A week without the Sabbath is like a harp without the strings,
A week without the Sabbath, like a bird that never sings;
A week without the Sabbath is like a bee without the flow’r,
A fruit that’s always sour, a desert with no show’r.

3. A week without the Sabbath is like a table with no legs,
A week without the Sabbath, like a chicken with no eggs;
A day without the sun, or like a night without the stars,
A job that’s never done, a dresser with no draw’rs.

4. The Sabbath is a blessing, it is the day of God’s delight;
A time for pure refreshing, it’s a beacon in the night;
It leads us to the Saviour, and at His feet we all are bless’d
With life, and love, and favor, how wonderful this rest!


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A few years ago, a Seventh-day Adventist minister whom I know, shared with me a Life Sketch of Samuele Bacchiocchi (which you can download by clicking the title). This life sketch was written shortly after that well-known Adventist scholar had passed away. I’m not sure who wrote it, but obviously someone who knew him well.

Sam was an Italian, and the only non-Catholic to attend and graduate from the Pontifical Gregorian University, in Rome. The whole life sketch is very interesting, but one line caught my attention:

…he always reminded folks that “a week without the Sabbath is like spaghetti without the sauce.”

I thought this was a homely, but fitting illustration. In the original creation, the Sabbath was the day God set aside for rest and reflection, and communion with His newly-created humans, for the “Sabbath was made for man” (Mark 2:27). It was the highlight of the week, a special day devoted to a kind of spiritual family picnic!

This song was written to make other similar comparisons from common things of daily life, in order to illustrate the value of the Sabbath day to a true Christian.

But since the entrance of sin, man has been afraid of his Maker, and afraid of the day which God appointed. And so it has been avoided, and caricatured as a day of restriction, bondage and legalism. And even among those who observe the seventh day in our time, the day is often so filled up with their own religious exercises, and their own ideas of truth, that they have no time nor inclination to sit and listen to the messages that God sends through His chosen agencies.

The Sabbath, which was meant to be a vessel in which God’s voice would be heard more distinctly, has been looked at as “a root out of dry ground”, and having “no form nor comeliness” and “no beauty that we should desire” it (Isaiah 53:2).

But to those who find the Saviour in the Sabbath, and sit at His feet to learn of Him, it is the crowning day of the whole week. It is a “pearl of great price”, not because of the day itself, but because of the Presence and teaching of Him who makes the day important.

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