1. Our Saviour, meek and lowly came,
    And taught His people here the same;
Who an example set, that they,
    All of His precepts would obey.
For on that night He was betray’d,
    He for us all a pattern laid—
At the last supper He did eat,
    He rose and wash’d His brethren’s feet.

2. He wash’d them all, tho’ all were clean,
    But Judas, whose own sin was seen.
May none of us do such a deed
    And sell our Lord for human greed.
Said Peter, “Lord, it shall not be;
    You shall not stoop to washing me!”
Oh, that no Christian now may say,
    “The word of Christ, I can’t obey.”

3. The Lord who made the earth and sky,
    Arose and laid His garments by,
And wash’d their feet to show that we,
    Like Christ, should always humble be.
“You call me Lord, and Master too;
    Then do as I have done to you;
All My commands and sayings keep,
    And show your love by washing feet.”


Instrumental – Sampled Sounds

Congregation – from Australia

MP3 – Congregation (from Australia)

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The text for this hymn comes from James White’s second hymn collection, “Hymns for Second Advent Believers” (1852).

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