1. Tis the last call of mercy that lingers for thee;
    Oh! And will you receive it? To Jesus now flee!
He often has called you, but you have refused
    His offered salvation, and love is abused.

2. If you heed not this warning now offered at last,
    Yours will be a sad mourning—the harvest is past;
Salvation I’ve slighted, the summer is o’er,
    And now there is pardon, sweet pardon, no more.

3. Tis the last call of mercy, oh, turn not away,
    For now swiftly is hasting the dread vengeance day;
The Spirit invites you, and pleads with you, come!
    Oh, come to Life’s waters, nor thirstingly roam.

4. Tis the last call of mercy, oh, steel not your heart,
    Even now she is rising from earth to depart;
The Bride is now calling—”You thirsty souls, come!”
    Oh, come with the ransomed, in heaven there’s room!

5. Tis the last call of mercy that lingers for thee,
    Break away from your bondage, oh, brother be free!
Be not a sad mourner—the harvest is past;
    The summer is ended, and perish at last!


Instrumental – Sampled Sounds


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The text for this hymn comes from James White’s second hymn collection, “Hymns for Second Advent Believers” published in 1852.

This song was used in the video/slideshow, Signs of the Times (click to view).

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