1. How happy is the man who has chosen wisdom’s ways,
    And offer’d up his life to his God in pray’r and praise;
His God and his Bible are all that he desires,
    To holiness of heart he continually aspires;
In poverty he’s happy for he knows he has a Friend,
    Who never will forsake him till the world shall have an end.

How happy is the man who has chosen wisdom’s ways,
And offer’d up his life to his God in pray’r and praise!

2. He rises in the morn; with the lark he tunes his lays,
    And offers up a gift to his God in pray’r and praise;
And then to his labor he cheerfully repairs,
    In confidence believing that God will hear his pray’rs;
Whatever he engages in at home or far abroad,
    His object is to honor and to glorify his God.

3. He hails with joy the moment, that rolls the Sabbath round;
    Then in the courts of Zion with great delight he’s found.
His place with believers he seldom fails to fill,
    And kneels with them together to do his Master’s will.
He gives of his abundant store, the poor to clothe and feed,
    And cares for all who need his help, according to their need.

4. In sickness, pain, and sorrow he never will complain,
    While he is being nourished from Christ the living vine.
When troubles press heavy he leans on Jesus’ breast,
    And in His precious promise he finds a quiet rest.
The yoke of Christ is easy and His burden always light;
    They never make him weary, for he walks by faith, not sight.

5. ‘Tis thus you have his hist’ry through life, from day to day:
    Religion is no myst’ry, it’s his familiar way.
And when in the evening he rests his weary head,
    He’s loved by God and angels, they guard his humble bed.
He has no fear of death, his Saviour’s self-denying love
    Has made him live a life on earth just as he’d live above.


Instrumental – Sampled Sounds

Congregation – from Australia

Congregation – from Germany

MP3 – Congregation (from Australia)
MP3 – Congregation (from Germany)

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The text for this hymn comes from James White’s second hymn collection, “Hymns for Second Advent Believers” published in 1852.

The text actually appeared in some other earlier hymnbooks in America, but verse 3, which speaks of the Sabbath, was not present in those earlier copies. This makes me wonder if James White, or some other Adventist (such as Annie Smith), actually wrote that verse and inserted it in the song? Anyway, it fits in very well!

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