Living Righteousness and the Sabbath of God1. The God that made the earth,
    And all the worlds on high,
Who gave all creatures birth,
    In earth, and sea, and sky;
Six days were in this work employed,
The seventh was a rest enjoyed.

2. The Sabbath day was blest,
    And hallow’d, sanctified;
It was Jehovah’s rest,
    And so it must abide.
‘Twas set apart before the fall,
‘Twas made for man, ’twas made for all.

3. And when from Sinai’s mount,
    Amidst the fire and smoke,
Jehovah did recount,
    And all His precepts spoke,
He claim’d the Rest day as His own,
And wrote it with His law, on stone.

4. The Son of God appear’d,
    With tidings of great joy;
God’s precepts He rever’d,
    He came not to destroy;
None of the Law was set aside,
But ev’ry tittle ratified.

5. Our Saviour did not die
    To render null and void,
The Law of the Most High,
    Which cannot be destroyed;
But bruis’d for us, our stripes He bore—
We’ll go in peace and sin no more.

6. How blest are they that do
    The Father’s just commands;
They shall the City view,
    Not made by human hands;
Its gates will open to the blest,
And they will share that glorious rest.


Instrumental – Sampled Sounds


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The text for this hymn comes from James White’s second collection of hymn-texts, “Hymns for Second Advent Believers” (1852).

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