1. When ancient Israel met the foe,
    That aimed at them a deadly blow,
Though oft their prospects seemed most dark,
    They triumphed when they had the Ark.

2. The Ark when borne to Jordan’s tide,
    Caused its deep waters to divide;
They need no boat for to embark;
    They cross—because they have the Ark.

3. They march around old Jericho,
    Its tow’ring walls are laid full low;
Hear ye that mighty shouting? Hark!
    They triumph, for they have the Ark.

4. Where was the strength by which it wrought,
    And to its bearers vict’ry brought?
It was a chest of wood—but mark!
    The Law of God was in the Ark.

5. When men oppose that Law of Love,
    They lack the wisdom from above;
Deluded souls! They’re in the dark.
    Without the truth—without the Ark.

6. The remnant in these latter days
    Will triumph sure; give God the praise!
They, of the beast, refuse the mark,
    They keep God’s Law—they have the Ark.


Instrumental – Sampled Sounds


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