1. Your word is a lamp to my foot,
    A glorious light to my path;
It fills and sustains me with heavenly food,
    And saves me from error and wrath.

2. It shows me the object of hope,
    The heavens and earth all renew’d;
A pilgrim, I wander, and never shall stop
    Till I reach that blessed abode.

3. In life’s stormy way, it’s a chart,
    Presenting the seasons and times,
It points out that glorious day to my heart
    And gives me the clear warning signs.

4. It speaks of the saints’ blessed lot,
    Prepared in the kingdom to come;
No matter if sceptics believe it or not,
    God’s people will soon be at home.

5. A lamp, and a light, and a chart,
    A deed of my heavenly home;
Its prophecies show, to the joy of my heart,
    My Saviour just ready to come.


Instrumental – Sampled Sounds


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The text was taken from Hymns for Second Advent Believers (1852).

In this song, the Bible is presented as a lamp, light, and chart. These are not new thoughts for Christians, but for Adventists, even these representations gain new importance by applying them to the finishing of God’s work.

Is the Bible a lamp? Yes, but not only to help me through daily difficulties, but to lift my eyes higher to the aim and purpose of God, so that I focus and center on His work, and not just my own small sphere.

Is the Bible a light? Yes, but not just to help me understand my own foolish heart, but to show me the standard of purity and faith that God will bring His people to in preparation for the final battle.

Is the Bible a chart? Yes, but not just to guide my career choices, but to show me that His return is near at hand. Being ready for that solemn day is the real career.

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