1. Am I my brother’s keeper? Or serving self alone?
    Are none around me better since I the way have known?
Do any faint or falter, and in the darkness fall,
    Because my lamp burns dimly, or gives no light at all?

Where are the brother-keepers, the faithful and the true?
Where are the brother-keepers?—What answer offer you?
Our hearts should long for others the love of Christ to share.
Where are the brothers? The Lord asks, Where?

2. If envy rules the spirit, perhaps it is because
    A brother’s gift is better, as Abel’s off’ring was!
This rule of truth eternal shall hidden motives tell:
    They only are accepted who do their duties well.

3. Are there no words of comfort to cheer the hearts that mourn?
    Or for the weak and erring no burdens to be borne?
God help us to be brothers, and firm as brothers stand:
    For love to God and neighbor should travel hand in hand.


Instrumental – Sampled Sounds


MP3 – Instrumental PDF PNG


2 Comments on Am I My Brother’s Keeper?

  1. Anna Szabo says:

    I would like to get the music to all theses hymns. Can I listen to these on this website? How do I do it? Can I order this hymnal to buy it?

  2. pp2300 says:

    The music for all the hymns on this website are available underneath the hymns. We offer the following files:

    PDF – For viewing and printing in Acrobat, or some other PDF Reader.
    TXT – Just the words in plain text format.
    SIB – The score for use with Sibelius music program (it’s quite an expensive program, though)
    MP3 – An audio arrangement for listening to. Some songs also have live recordings beneath the words, and a very few have videos.
    MIDI – A music format for playing on computers and electronic keyboards
    XML – a standard “open” format for sharing the score (it can be loaded into the free MuseScore program)
    PNG – a graphic representation of the score (can be viewed in any picture viewing program)
    SVG – a scalable vector graphic representation of the score (you will also need to obtain the Opus music font for this – see the bottom of the page here: Opus fonts
    EPS – a postscript format for publishing purposes

    If you would like to have ALL the MP3 recordings of the songs, you can either download them one-by-one from the website (a bit tedious!), or I could send you a DVD with the files on it. They are about 1.0 GB in size.

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