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1. Ye who rose to meet the Lord,
Ventured on His faithful word,
Faint not now, for your reward,
    Swiftly will be giv’n;
Faint not! always watch and pray,
Jesus will no more delay,
Even now ’tis dawn of day–
    Day-Star beams from heav’n.

2. Would ye to the end endure?
Keep the wedding garment pure–
Claim ye still the promise sure–
    Faithful is the Lord!
Let your lamps be burning bright,
In God’s word is beaming light,
Live by faith and not by sight–
    Crowns are your reward.

3. Tones of thunder through the sky–
Angel voices sounding high,
Echo still the mighty cry,
    Jesus quickly come!
Quickly he’ll return again,
With his saints will come to reign,
While all heaven will shout “Amen,
    Welcome to thy throne!”

4. Marriage supper now prepared,
By the guests will then be shared,
In fair righteous robes arrayed,
    Like the Bridegroom King.
Glory to Jehovah’s name!
Sound aloud the glad acclaim,
To the Lamb that once was slain,
    Alleluias bring.

Hymnal #: 181
Instruments: Guitar
Time: 2:01

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