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1. Pilgrims, on! the day is dawning;
    Strike your tents, and homeward haste;
Sleep not while the blush or morning
    Calls you on the desert waste.
Though the way be dark and dreary,
    Life’s sharp anguish must be borne;
Courage, then, ye faint and weary,
    Linger not to weep and mourn.

2. Pilgrims, on! the storm is beating,
    Beating wildly on your way;
Tarry not, the time is fleeting;
    Shall storm your foot-steps stay?
Hasten on, through joy and sorrow,
    Or whatever may betide,
Wait not for the calm tomorrow,
    Faithful at your work abide.

3. Pilgrims, on! what though in dangers,
    Life’s eventful course pursue;
Labor on, ye friendless strangers,
    Grace will guide you safely through
What if trials must befall you!
    What if fierce temptations rise!
Shall earth’s bitter strife appall you
    While contending for the prize?

4. Pilgrims, on! there’s rest in heaven,
    Rest from every anxious care,
Rest in Jesus’ smiles, forgiven,
    Peaceful and eternal there.
O, ’twere sweet to toil in sadness,
    O, ’twere well the cross to bear,
If, at last in joy or gladness,
    We may rest forever there!

Hymnal #: 373
Instruments: Guitars
Time: 1:24

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