I offer here a few old recordings of songs mostly taken from the 1941 Seventh-day Adventist Church Hymnal.

These were among the earliest recordings I made (about 30 years ago), and were recorded in multiple tracks using two tape decks. They are mostly Guitar instrumentals, at times using various open tunings (and unfortunately, I no longer have the tablature for these songs).

I tried to concentrate on songs that were leaning more towards the Adventist message.

The last seven songs in this section were taken from the International Seminar 2000 of the Sabbath Rest Advent Church. There are four popular hymns (And Can It Be That I Should Gain?, Count Your Blessings, I Am Thine, O Lord, How Firm a Foundation), two special arrangements performed by men’s choir (Precious Memories, There Was No Room), and one farewell song (Be Happy).