The word we preach is nigh thee,
    Is in thy mouth and heart,
To cease from every evil,
    From every idol part.

The last decree, how solemn,
    Except we conquer now,
No remedy can reach us,
    Nor pay our broken vow.

While faithless, unrepentant,
    We cannot be forgiven,
No mercy will be offered,
    No home for us in Heaven.

As well give up to perish,
    If we cannot deny
Our appetites and passions,
    While Heavenly aid is nigh.

Soon there will be no promise
    Of pardoning grace, now free.
Ere Jesus ceases pleading,
    We must get victory.

Soon with no mediator
    To help our ruined case,
The filthy must be filthy,
    Beyond the reach of grace.

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