In everything my eyes behold,
    I view, with awe, my Maker’s hand;
Creation’s works his might unfold,
    In every form, in every land.

Thy boundless power, O let me know,
    That I may feel how weak my frame;
Thy love and mercy to me show,
    That I may here adore thy name.

To be acquitted at thy throne,
    Is all I ask or would desire;
The thought that I may be thine own,
    Lights up my soul with hallowed fire.

Now Lord forgive me for the past,
    This morn my covenant renew,
And give me strength while life shall last,
    To still the narrow way pursue;

That when I reach that blissful shore,
    Where sorrows cease, and Satan’s wiles,
I may recount thy mercies o’er,
    And bask forever in thy smiles.

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