The vast designs of God, in vain
    Do mortals seek to understand,
Or purposes of right explain,
    Who guides with an unerring hand;
While nature still his work fulfills,
    A heavenly Father’s care we learn;
And what we deem are threatening ills,
    Full oft, to plenteous blessings turn!

To rich, or poor, or great, or small,
    Alike, his tender love is shown;
Alike, is watched the sparrow’s fall,
    Or sway of empires overthrown.
No tear of grief, no throe of pain,
    Unmarked by him, our sovereign Lord,
No trial will be borne in vain,
    No sacrifice lose its reward!

Within our narrow bound, content
    With what is given us to know,
Is better far than reasoning spent
    By which none ever wiser grew;
For shortly to our wondering sight,
    Life’s hidden scroll shall be unrolled,
And beams of Heaven’s unclouded light,
    The ways of Providence unfold!

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